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Kino Cinematics Going National

After much hard work and research, the Kino Cinematics team has launched their website. Their focus is going to initial be in the real estate market by providing Real Estate brokers and agents with premium 4K drone aerial videography and Hi-Resolution aerial photography to empower them with the “WOW” factor in promoting their sales. Their approach will require multiple phases.

Phase One

Kino Cinematics has aligned with drone training schools to help with job placement. Since Kino Cinematics is basing their model on territory, it is important that drone pilots, or potential drone pilots sign up quickly to claim their area of interest. There are rules to follow, so speaking with a Territory Manager is critical to the drone pilot's career aspirations.

Phase Two

Kino Cinematics is simultaneously marketing to territory Real Estate Brokers and Agents to outline their services, prices, and to obtain exclusivity for aerial drone videography. Their marketing specialists are initially targeting areas where they have drone pilots signed up. As more pilots join, the Marketing Team will add that area to help promote business.

Phase Three

Continued Expansion...Kino Cinematics knows that remaining stagnant is not an option. They will continue to market and grow their client base, while also looking for up-sale opportunities and referrals. Kino Cinematics realizes that their drone pilots' success is number one in their plans.

For more information contact Kino Cinematics at Info@KinoCinematics.com or click HERE for their contact information.


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