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So, you are thinking about buying a house and you have hired a home inspector.  Often times you have to take their word on what they see on the roof when they inspect.  Now you can supplement that inspection with independent video and Hi-Res photos of your potential new home.  Don't take a chance one of your largest purchases.  We at Kino Cinematics will take Hi-Res aerial photos of your roof as well as providing you with video footage...all for an affordable price.

Drones have proven themselves to be a valuable tool for home inspections.  They provide a safe and effective method to gather high-definition imagery of roofs and other areas where damage can occur.  Roof inspections used to be a dangerous and tedious process.  Having workers climbing ladders and standing on sloping rooftops can endanger their lives as well as the lives of workers on the ground. Drones have provided roofing companies with multiple benefits.  Drone inspections can be viewed in real time, but can also be recorded in Hi-Resolution to review at a later time in greater detail. Using drones to inspect a roof is fast, safe, and extremely affordable.  We at Kino Cinematics provide Hi-Res photos and aerial video for roof inspections of your properties, buildings, barns and more.  Don’t put your workforce in harms way.

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