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Hi Team.  Every week we send updates to everyone via email.  Each update contains important information on our progress, new policies, team updates, etc...  Rather than resend these emails to new members, we decided to post them on this page.  So, if you ever forget what we sent you can quickly come back to this link and read up on our latest news.  Thanks to everyone and we are excited at the pace we are growing.

Latest Kino Update - Volume 1 Issue 1 12/21/17 - Please Read

Hi Team, As we move forward it is important that we communicate on a regular basis any progress that we make.  Below are key areas in flight.


Pilots - We’ve been busy lately trying to on-board more pilots across the US.  We have several in progress and hope to have them uploaded shortly.  If anyone has friends in other areas/states that may be interested in joining our team, please let us know and we will check availability before on boarding them.


Marketing Timeframe - We just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some progress that our marketing team is doing.  We are looking to do a sample / trial run of a few realtors to determine their reaction / interest to our approach and services.  The team has asked that I reach out to all of to see if each of you can provide a video that we can post on our site showcasing your skills.  The video would need to branded with Kino Cinematics' logo.  What we are hoping to do with this dry run is determine interest and solidify marketing launch date.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me tomorrow.


Presentation / Marketing Brochure - The dry run will test our brochure and determine its success.  As we approach realtors, we will be asking them specific questions about what they are looking for and things that bother them or discourage them from our services.  Additionally, we will be creating a sales presentation that we can present to all their sales agents.  This presentation will cover key areas that we wish to receive critical analytics on such as affordability, frequency, and expectations.


Things to cover in the presentation:


  • Who are our customers?

  • What pains are they experiencing?

  • How are they currently solving their pain today?

  • Why is their solution not sufficient?

  • Why is it important in the long run that they solve these pains?

  • How does our service solve their pain & why we are better?

  • Who is our competition?

  • Why are our pilots better?

  • What are our strengths vs the “other” guys?

  • Where are our weaknesses from the competition, and how do we address them?

  • What are the common questions we get asked about our service and how do we answer them?

  • Who are our most loyal customers today? 

  • Why do they most value our service?


One thing that we are also going to address is the topic of pricing.  We will have a team call to explain our approach on this.  We need to start getting everyone to feel comfortable on the topic of money with all our customers.


Website SEO - We will be asking each pilot to include in their website a page about Kino Cinematics.  We will provide the page with instructions and walk everyone through it.  This page does NOT need to be visible to the public, but it will need to be readable by search engines.  We will discuss in detail the purpose and benefit of this when we have our first team call…hopefully the first week in January.


Forms - We will be placing forms online for everyone to review and give their feedback.  It is critical that we all share our thoughts and experiences to make our services better, easier for our customers, and streamlined for us all.


Finally - I will send each of you a separate email asking that  we be allowed to share each of your information with your other team members.

Latest Kino Update - Volume 2 Issue 1 01/01/2018 - Please Read


Hi Team, As we move forward standardizing things, the first thing we are doing is making sure all our headshots are the same…yes, even including me.  One of our very own pilots based out of Minnesota has the perfect headshot sample for us all to follow.  Attached are the instructions in PDF format.


























HOW TO TAKE A PROPER PHOTO For Kino Cinematics To take a photo for your Kino Cinematics profile, please use the following instructions and the image above to guide you.


•    Find a white background (or a light area that can be easily blurred to look like the image above)

•    Wear a black polo shirt

•    Take off glasses if they have transition lenses

•    Face the camera

•    Turn your body 45° clockwise

•    Keep your face looking toward the camera

•    Smile and Relax.

Now all you have to do is email your photo to: info@kinocinematics.com 

Photo Credit: Brian Hensien

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