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Drone Services for Real Estate

At Kino Cinematics, our mission is to provide professional drone services for Real Estate brokers and agents with premium 4K drone aerial videography and Hi-Resolution aerial photography to empower them with the “WOW” factor in promoting their sales.  As a real estate agent, or broker, you are looking to list your your properties in the most appealing way to potential buyers.  We know it can be both confusing and daunting to try and figure out what to do.  You want drone aerial photography and videos for your listing, but you don't know where to start.  Let us help you understand your options so that you can make the right decisions for your listings and help to get a buyer's interest by providing your listings with a "WOW" factor over your competition.  Drone Aerial Photography Services now give Real Estate agents an opportunity to beautifully display their listings in a unique and powerful way.

Drone Real Estate Photography

Through the use of professional drone service for real estate, a seller can seamlessly showcase any property at distinct angles, as well as clearly define the boundaries of the property and establish context to its surroundings.

Brokers and Real Estate agents are adopting the use of professional drone services for real estate for aerial imagery to promote their business and sales more than ever. Three vital benefits of using drones for aerial photography in real estate are the following:

#1: Aerial Photography Provides A Breathtaking Bird’s Eye View

#2: Showcase Vast Land With Ease

#3: Drones Makes Aerial Photography Affordable

Drone aerial photography and video has become a standard for top commercial and residential real estate companies. From awe inspiring aerial scenes to 360⁰ outdoor tours, using drones can place your effortlessly place your commercial real estate ahead of your competitors.

Drone Aerial Photography

It is important for real estate brokers and agencies to have appealing photos and videos in their websites in order to capture the attention of potential buyers.  Drone videography is one of the newest and most effective trends in real estate marketing and advertising. With professional drone services for real estate, real estate brokers and agents can capture stunning video that gives prospective buyers and renters a chance to get a realistic visualization of the property as if they were already there.

Yet this type of aerial videography is often rough in appearance, and in some cases may not be of the quality that you want. At Kino Cinematics are goal is to provide the perfect aerial video needed to make a successful impression in front of your clients.

So You Want to Hire a Drone Pilot. What Should You Look For?

It seems like every day there is another company popping up that offers professional drone services for real estate, drone photography and videography services. When searching for the right person for the job, it’s important to look for the following things:

FAA-Issued Commercial Drone License - The FAA established new regulations in August 2016 that required anyone using a drone for commercial purposes (defined as anything other than recreation) to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small UAS Rating. If you are going to hire a drone pilot, make sure they have this license. Not only does this ensure that the drone pilot knows the rules they need to follow, but it also protects you from being associated with any illegal operations. The FAA has handed out hefty fines to people flying drones illegally.

Looking for Drone Service

Insurance - There are a number of insurance options out there for drone pilots. Make sure that your hired drone operator has liability insurance in the event something goes wrong and they damage that beautiful house you are trying to sell. Standard liability policies cover up to $1,000,000.

Experience and Quality - If someone is offering their drone services, it’s a given that they should have a demo reel of properties they have photographed and filmed. Go to their website, check out their work, and make sure it measures up to your standards. Not all drone operators are created equal. It takes practice and skill to get those smooth drone shots that make or break a listing video.

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Our FAA Licensed Drone Pilot will fly the drone over your property, or event. Rest assured knowing that your pilot is fully licensed and insured.


Steady camera work will capture your property from eye level perspective.

*Air space and weather permitting



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